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Hi! My name is Vanessa, here are some of my works.  I'm fascinated by the countless possibilities of graphic representation,  and that's why I always seek to discover new visual paths, as a way of reviewing what surrounds me and communicating. Here are urban sketching drawings, captures of everyday life,  watercolor paintings, experiments, graphic projects, among others.




  • Participation in the development of Pink Gallery for the exhibition “Artacho Jurado in the city design”, at Escola da Cidade Gallery. Project conceived by the artist-teachers Paulo von Poser and Carla Caffe. Sao Paulo/SP.

  • Graduation in Architecture and Urbanism at FAUUSP. Sao Paulo-SP



  • Exhibition of the series of paintings “Arrepsia” at EXPOFAUD FAUUSP. Sao Paulo-SP.

  • Participation in the exhibition “Laboratory of the semester” at EdA - Espaço das Artes - ECA. Sao Paulo-SP.



  • Participation in the illustration contest for the 12th anniversary of the Maria da Penha Law. Sao Paulo-SP.

  • Sketch exhibitions  from the Noah Gallery Drawing Group - Shizuoka, Japan.

  • Development of teaching materials (Flashcards) for teaching English - Shizuoka, Japan.

  • Illustration for the poster to publicize the Hina Matsuri festival, organized by Okayama Kenjinkai of Brazil. Sao Paulo-SP.

  • Participation in the fair “Art on streets/おまちでアート” - Shizuoka, Japan.



  • Exhibition “Drawing the Palace of Industries” at Catavento Cultural e Educacional, organized by the Urban Sketchers group - Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Exhibition of watercolor illustrations at Remex Gallery - Shizuoka, Japan.

  • Live Painting during the Chatty Party event - Shizuoka, Japan.

  • Window painting for the Round Dish bar-restaurant- Shizuoka, Japan.



  • Collaboration in the development of the visual identity of the Natsu Matsuri Festival - Illustration and creation of graphic advertising pieces. São Paulo-SP.


  • Illustration for the article “A step away from citizenship”, from the 4th edition of the Student-run Magazine Contraste FAUUSP. São Paulo-SP.



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