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1Sketches_Plantas_Habitacao Jaguare_Vanessa Mattara (2).jpg


The sketches were created during the development stage of a Social Housing project for the Jaguaré district, in Sao Paulo, under the guidance of the Professor Álvaro Puntoni (FAUUSP). Based on a modular system, the project was composed by 4 housing units, named A, B, C and D, each one with specific dimensions and characteristics.

Materials used: ink pen and colored pencils.

2Sketches_Plantas_Habitacao Jaguare_Vanessa Mattara (4).jpg
3Sketches_Plantas_Habitacao Jaguare_Vanessa Mattara (3).jpg
4Sketches_Plantas_Habitacao Jaguare_Vanessa Mattara (1).jpg
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