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​Live Union is an experiential and events agency based in London, UK. They specialize in exploring innovative formats and technologies, designing and pro- ducing multi-channel event experiences, which include Virtual, Physical, Hybrid, and Broadcast formats. The focus is on creating impactful experiences for both business and employee audiences, fostering connections and drawing inspiration. Their portfolio showcases a range of design projects across various live experience types, with clients such as Santander, Warner Bros, Bayer, Visa, Amazon, and Unilever.

Following an invitation from the agency, I had the great opportunity to contribute to the creative process in the development of the 2023 Global Partners Con- ference for Linklaters, a law firm that operates worldwide. Illustrations were created as a means to visualize and develop ideas that would later be material- ized, in alignment with the mood, look, and feel of the briefing. To achieve this, visual concepts were executed using Ink Pen and splashes of watercolor in Linklaters' purple, highlighting the company's visual identity.

The design of the spaces included four distinct environments:

1. Portal
2. Client Stories
3. Quiet Zone
4. Catering

Creative Director: Nadine Smith 
Creative Assistant: Mariachiara Sica

2_Live Union_Linklaters_Global Partners Conference_Vanessa Mattara.jpg
3_Live Union_Linklaters_Global Partners Conference_Vanessa Mattara.jpg
5_Live Union_Linklaters_Global Partners Conference_Vanessa Mattara (2).jpg
8_Live Union_Linklaters_Global Partners Conference_Vanessa Mattara (3).jpg
11_Live Union_Linklaters_Global Partners Conference_Vanessa Mattara.jpg
12_Live Union_Linklaters_Global Partners Conference_Vanessa Mattara.jpg
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